$2,350 iCoral iPod dock by Copulare

Designed by an established manufacturer Copulare, the iCoral is the most expensive and perhaps the ugliest and hopeless iPod dock you would ever like to buy for an outlandish amount of $2,350. This makes me wonder what is that onbe feature that gave courage to its designers ask such a hefty price.

Truly, this ‘real’ artificial coral features USB, S-Video and stereo analog outputs but what’s new? Its cone feet and the anti-echo corals actually add to the authentic two and a half grand value of this ridiculous goose. Good effort by Copulare but given a chance to procure such a useless product by paying such valuable dough, I would choose to make a trip to the island and come back with some fake corals along with real sea shells to beautify my accessible multi-functional iPod wharf.

Via Engadget/ Crave
iCoral iPod

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