The Local River: Fish, Farm Cum Kitchen Garden

A new concept is ready to hit your mind and its elite theory aim s at not only hitting but dominating it. Called the Local River, it is a creation by a French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and stands upon the theory of domestic “refrigerator-aquarium” that raises freshwater fish for eating and grows vegetables simultaneously. In layman terms, it can be defined as aquaponic kitchen gardens with integrated fish tank. It can be seen as a perfect replacement of ornamental ‘TV aquarium’ by a life-sized ‘refrigerator-aquarium’. For this particular design, Mathieu takes inspiration from a San Francisco based group known as the Locavores who eat foods grown within a 100-mile radius of their city to diminish their impact on the surroundings.

The Local River

The project enables people to grow their own food at home and thus the growing vegetables in floating pots assures purification of water by eliminating nitrates and other reserves. The concept will be demonstrated at the Artists Space Gallery in New York from 25 April. Well, saying how early it can be devised is not possible now but we are hoping seeing it installed in various homes in near future.

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The Local River

The Local River

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The Local River

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