Spinning Walls Or A Compact House

Featured above is multi functional Spinning Wall that respects your space without compromising on the high-tech saga that tops your charts. It integrates several gyrating components connected jointly viz. dining table, kitchen, bedroom, or exercise room with a simple twirl of the wheel. The first glimpse of the TurnOn is evocative of a life-sized hamster wheel. A deeper insight would reveal that it is an arrangement comprising of numerous modules functioning together.

Each element’s center would be equipped for a detailed room or utility likewise kitchen, bedroom or exercise room. The wheel accurately moves, and with the change in location of the module, the function also changes. Case in point: whilst cooking, the couch behaves like a ceiling with dining table turning into a wall. The Wet Cell territory of the spinning wheel accommodates the bathroom along with toilet, shower and bath. One has a liberty to basically spin the module to exploit one of the conveniences. This seems like an resourceful discovery for those having dearth of space.

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Spinning Walls

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