Rucksack House: Expand Your House by Adding Mini-House

The growing family generally faces the space crunch problem and hence has to think of shifting to a new land. Saying is easy but doing it is really painstaking. Ask them, they will tell you!

Rucksack House

And here our designers have discovered a contemporary solution to the customary issue. Designed by the German team at Convertible City, Rucksack House is an immediate and easy way to enlarge your apartment size without pestering yourself under the burden of shifting the entire villa. The walk-in cube behaves no less than a supplementary space, lynching from the portico of your existing dwelling via steel cables fastened to the roof. The handy space gives one the sensation of hovering above any remote doings, with its copious casement and urban tree house vibes. The edifice is based off a fused steel cage with a birch finished plywood interior, and an outside grade plywood with porous resin casing on the exterior.

Rucksack House

Artistically positioned plexiglass interleaves invite natural light and offer the spectacular view of the surrounding activities. With the assistance of concealed magnets, the wall-sections are unfolded to create a desk and podium for lounging. I think there is no space for giving a second thought while picking one for your den, which was long back counted as villa.

Rucksack House

All thanks to growing families. It can be installed via a phone call.

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Rucksack House

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