Ben Wilson’s Swarovski Encrusted Bling Rider

Now a new way to flaunt your wealth! If you have had enough Swarovski festooned ornaments and jeans then its time to add Swarovski flavor to your automobiles. Standing away from the ordinary jazzy low riders, this Ben Wilson’s Swarovski-studded bike certainly meets success in breaking heads. The hand-crafted low rider comes festooned with almost 110,000 crystals fitted on a clean custom design. Unexpectedly, Wilson roots are based in UK but he got inspired to structure this bike after making a trip to California. He is ready to disclose the price tag if one is interested to ink a neat deal and assures that if price creates oomph factor then he won’t upset you as and can offer you a better substitute i.e. gold-colored model.

Via Gizmodo
Swarovski Encrusted Bling Rider

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