Customized Hookah Tables

If your addiction to addiction is coming between you and your beloved then here is a way out. No…No..I won’t ask you to quit it but rather carry on with it silently. Lately u came across the designer and functional Hookah tables at BallerHouse. Fabricated to accommodate four people, the Hookah Table is enormously exceptional as it disguises the hookah pipe on three areas of the table, thereby taking a call who gets to see it. Customized in nature, the Hookah tables are analogous to a multi-chambered bong where “the smoke first pierces into the water chamber from the bowl then travels into the main chamber, where you will see the chamber fill up. And from here finally the smoke moves out into the hookah hoses.

Hookah Tables

The design and structure of the table can stand upon what’s going in your mind in terms of its shades, wood finishes, bevel options, bowl types, and hose colors. Priced at mere $600, this should be seen as one time investment by all Hookah’s aficionados that will reap benefits ion coming years.

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Hookah Tables

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