Air Conditioning for Sunlit Outdoors

Come summers and you start missing those wintery moments of sitting under the shade of the tree enjoying some cool snacks while on your way to back home. If you also happen to fall in the similar category them here I have an ultimate solution for you. Dubbed as the IntelliCool outdoor air conditioner, the standalone unit looks no less than outdoor lamps that do function as lights. Now you would counter me saying lamps producing cooling effect and to your much dismay I will give an affirmative response. And the device primary functionary is to spread coolness and lightning is just a part and parcel of the project.

The company claims it being the first ever outdoor air conditioners designed using a special water evaporation technology. With the help of this technology, the fans can actually cool the air in your garden, making it more pleasant on a hot summer day.
IntelliCool outdoor air conditioner

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