iRobot Verro 600: Pool Friendly Robot

I am here taking to those who have no reason to hate summer and thanks their integrated pool for the same without which survival in this burning summers would have been next to impossible. But another problem that emerges out of this comfort is the maintenance of the pool as hygiene is equally important. Considering this, pool friendly Verro 600 PowerScrub Robots are being devised that can offer a dive into clean water every morning.

So, next time when you sunbathe on your lounger, nipping your glass of wine, this smart robot will clean your pool, without letting you scrub your back. It makes use of its set of PVA brushes that cleans the pool in 60 to 90 minutes. The robot cum vacuum comes equipped with integrated self-contained filtration system that eliminates everything from foliage, dirt, and other bigger debris to smaller items with 2 microns size. All you need to do is lose the weight of your wallet as it will dig the hole of $1199. If this seems too expensive deal to you then less sophisticated versions viz. the Verro 500 and Verro 300 are also available for $999.99 and $799.99 respectively.

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Verro 600

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