Shah Jahan’s Gold Encrusted Dagger To Fetch $1million

An Update: The graceful private dagger carried by Emperor Shah Jahan lately fetched 1.7 million pounds at a London auction, which is three times more than the expected bid.

Taj Mahal, counted amongst one of the Seven Wonders of the World is woven with the love of Emperor Shah Jahan towards his wife. They say that the hands engaged in the construction of this wonder were later cut by emperor to assure that no one can create such marvel again. Positioned in Agra, India; it has become a great tourist attraction. And today Shah Jahan is again seen in the headlines for a different reason.

Reuters has disclosed that a 17th century gold festooned dagger once owned by this Indian Emperor is estimated to fetch $1 million on 10 April. The remarkable sardonyx-hilted dagger is archetypal of Shah Jahan’s savor and personality in number of ways. The grip of this dagger depicts his admiration for rare stones while its workmanship symbolizes the skills of the Mughal atelier at this peak of elegance. The bludgeon itself is illustrative of its emperor’s fatal propensity. The writing on the reverse side of blade include Jahan’s official titles, date and place of birth, and an “honorific sunshade”- an ancient pan-Asian representation of religion of royals.

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