Sandals that Carry Liquor

Work hard, party harder is the gogaaa of the routine life. But with life becoming so busy, there hardly seems to be a reservation for a weekend to enjoy. It simply gets away with the flow of things to be done, occupied with family and family but not friends. But amidst all these big time boozers knows well how to extract time for their energy drink. For doing that you need to think out of the box.

I use to think that designers are being biased as all accessories designed for storing liquor are targeted at women. I can recall days back talking about wine bra (bra cum rack) that enabled any women to fill it with much required wine after work when all the counters are shut and being restless one cannot afford to come back home. But today I can change me opinion as Reef Dram Sandal ($45) by Reef, the stellar sandal company invites men.

The Dram comprises of a polyurethane encapsulated flask in the heel. This accessory allows you carry liquor anywhere. Also, the brand name of Reef attached to them assures its comfort. Each sandal can house at least three ounces of beverage inside the heel, thereby offering you total four generous shots to energize you after a tiresome day. The Dram sandals are water friendly, and stand hard due to the synthetic nubuck upper, contoured compression molded Eva footbed with anatomical arch support, Polyurethane encapsulated canteen in heel with screw cap, unique shaker icon molded Reef rubber outsole. I give a second thought to it as there might be a possibility that this sandal leaks, leaving me in a despicable situation with a stinking feet. But I choose to keep my fingers rather feet on this.
Reef Dram Sandal

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