Hybrid Aircraft Cum Airship: Float High for $1.46 million Blimp

Call it a toy or a weapon for a little bird within you. This hybrid aircraft cum airship can take you high at a flight of 93 mph at 7,000 feet above the ground for 2000 miles. But this innovative ride on blimp from house of Advanced Hybrid Aircraft doesn’t come cheap and thus demands $1.46 million. Called Hornet Aerial Work, it is equipped with four twin motor engines and its interiors are custom designed offering an appeal that doesn’t lose your interest. If you are in a mood to experiment a little more than attach daylight banners onto the edges of the airship. Measuring 100 ft (L) x 20 ft (W), this air wonder offers quite an exciting journey when you want to work as a spy by eyeing what should not miss without letting the other person know.

Via BallerRide/ AHAUSA
Hornet Aerial Work

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