Dare To Wear £640,000 Diamond Jeans by Secret Circus

The very mention of £640,000 jeans hitting the market raised eyebrows making people wonder what makes it bear this hefty tag. And what justification it has to earn customers? For sure, it would be creating a buzz amongst elite class for grabbing it before anyone could. But still one wonders what it features? This luxe offering by Secret Circus Clothing is no less than on the face diamond advertisement with back pockets decked up with diamonds. You calculated right, it would cut your balance by $1,265,534.

Well on the other side, uber rich class is taking it as an opportunity to make their bum look worth $$$$. It is bejeweled with 15 gorgeous diamonds to it counting a 4.63 carat marquise cut diamond worth £102,000; two 6 carat round radiant cut diamonds valued £250,000 each; one 5.09 carat princess cut priced £104,000; one 5.27 pear cut for £134,000 plus 10 single carat diamonds worth £50,000.

Irma Matulionyte modeled this jean at the brand’s launch at London Fashion Week in past February but very few details are disclosed. You might consider them as new entrant to the industry, which would be untrue as they do things silently. That is why they are famous for throwing private parties and keeping new launches on the down low. No information about the first proud customer for these jeans is available for all we know is that the waist size offered is 27”. Secret Circus lately teamed up with the Monaco and British Grand Prix to design garments for the racing events, which for sure would be launched quietly. So, keep your eyes and ears open to sense the launch.

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Diamond Jeans

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