Glow Rug: Ramp Beams With Every Footstep!

Now you won’t have any regrets that you fail to be a red carpet celebrity. Rather it is now in your hands where to guise as a most celebrated person and spread smiles with every step you put forward, courtesy Glow Carpet. This glowing carpet can be placed as per your need to welcome guests or pamper darling. The much-talked about carpet or electroluminescent rug is the powerful creation by two engineering students, co-founders of Zolo Designs at London South Bank University. To be more precise, the carpet shines in the form of feet after every twist you make on it. So, better walk like a sensuous cat and not hefty elephant.

The rug features touch-sensitive electroluminescence that shines as and when any load falls on it. Electroluminescence actively functions by passing current via light-emitting material that is electrified (powdered phosphorous). When energized, it generates a decipherable green-cyan blaze that is generally visible in LCD wristwatches or nightlights. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, illumination of the glow rug resides in the roots of concept only. This would surely be an elite way to welcome guests and an excuse enough to throw parties. This handy device operates not only in press mode but also in pre-set time for blinking mode as well.

Via GadgetsBlog/ LiveScience
Glow Rug

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