Feel Worldly with Limited Edition Globe Furniture

I have a fad for crazy things that are functional in nature besides making a difference to the ambience via their silent presence. And now I got the additional third feature that makes them in demand today—they are antique. What a good feel it gives when one installs a globe that can house all your wine bottles and you flaunt it during all your parties.

Featured above is one such wooden globe bar that features world’s finest maple from Malaysia and Vietnam. The boundaries are hand-crafted with hand-highlighted countries via a variety of shades. Oceans are notified via hand-cut panels of maple fitted with exactitude. The 24k gold plated ribbons adds spark to the otherwise dull latitude and longitude lines. Unlike ordinary globe bars that depict old world cartography, these reflect current place names and borders.

Right at the equator, the globe unfolds to offer you the magic of a hidden wine bar with space enough to house bottles, glasses and accessories. It also offers additional area for storage on lower shelf. Its easy-roll casters make it portable to any place, so possibility is now whenever you plan to go for camping; this has to be your must take-away thing. Erecting an inspiring 42″ tall, this globe is ordained to become a valued heirloom. It measures 20″ (diameter) x 42″ (H) x 30″ (W) and is priced at $2,045. Check out the pool of globe wine bars here.

wooden globe bar

bar globe refrigerator

Joining the gang is the bar globe refrigerator that is also a faithful reproduction from XVII Century. This elegant sphere of this globe bar holds 12 glasses and four bottles, with room for more inside the refrigerated cabinet. The refrigerator is handcrafted in Italy and is equipped with 110V. Both these accessories would surely make your guests envious of you. The price of different patterns of refrigerator globe bars vary from $1,849-$2,245.

For more pics, run through the galery:

Feel Worldly with Limited Edition Globe Furniture

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