Elite Handbag: $22,000 Burberry Alligator Warrior

Those belonging to filthy rich class have a fair amount of dough to burn or to invest in accessories that are outrageously luxuruious. And wisely, they choose to stick to the latter option. As a result of this, designers’ have to perform and produce to meet their desires.

One such offering is Burberry’s alligator skin Warrior handbag priced at £13,000 ($22,000). It is the nature of this five-figure sum that has invited dozens of women to sign up and book a pouch in the waiting list to assure that they possess this ultra luxury. It is obvious to consider this pricey designer handbag to be equipped with diamonds, gold, or platinum but against your very consideration, this Burberry Alligator Warrior stands away from ordinary slut. It totally bents upon its brand name and design to demand such an extraordinarily price for it. Made up using alligator skin with metal stud detailing, drawstring closure, and a metal toggle imprinted with the Burberry logo, this designer handbag is a crazy pouch worth flaunting. It features numerous zip pockets and other divisions. If ever I will have such an amount, I would definitely reserve one for me as well.
Burberry Alligator Warrior

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