Mesiro Merium Media PC Flaunts Sleek and Sensuous Pat

Those looking for pre-fabricated HTPC would have no dearth of you are looking for something elite in the similar product range then Mesiro’s Merium is worth looking at. The on the face feature of this PC is not the 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo T5500 processor, 250GB internal HDD, dual-layer DVD burner, GMA950 graphics accelerator, WiFi, 5-in-1 multicard reader or the compact MCE remote but to your much-surprise the compatible chassis wraps. Weird but true! Yah, now you can swap out the outer body of the rig at any time you feel the support, assuring that there’s a case for every juncture.

Mesiro Merium Media PC

Regrettably, folks based in America won’t welcome the €999 ($1,578) price tag, and those €55 ($87) faceplates again are a difficult thing to gulp.

Via Engadget
Mesiro Merium Media PC

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