Bang & Olufsen Touchless Universal Remote Control For Sci-Fi Aficionados!

It has become my customary nature now. I have a fad for exclusive and unusual gadgets and every time I go for a SciFi flick, I turn voracious to grab all the viable elite gadgets under the sun. And here I found another. Many a times, they reflect that nothing is concrete and it is your fallacy that someone is pressing buttons in the air. And industry mogul Bang & Olufsen has made successful efforts in turning this fantasy into reality with its elite offering of Touchless B&O remote control.

Touchless Universal Remote Control

Still an archetype, it is designed by Joris Van Gelder after taking inspiration from devising a remote control completely handy for kitchen use. His concept was to manufacture something that enables its owner get things done without touching it.
Cause remote controls are measured to be amongst those gadgets list that have maximum bacteria.

Pat on the back Joris, as his efforts got a green signal and his latest revolutionary creation of first if its kind is here. With an exciting appeal but with the drawback of being a concept, it demands now our initiative to burn our hefty remotes and sign one touchless model.

Dive into the videos to have a better understanding.

Remote for B&O from Engadget on Vimeo.

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Touchless Universal Remote Control

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