Robotic ZeroHouse: A Portable, Eco Friendly, Automated and Complete House

Picture this: You are blessed to stay in an absolute self-sufficient home that fabricates its own energy, water, and is entirely customizable. Now this is how your routine activities flow. You start your day having a spa and then healthy breakfast, killing two hours while shopping, gulping a lavish afternoon meal, investing hours while chatting with friends online/offline and then moving out for a movie and come back home feeling yet high. Ooops, I forgot to mention you can get a body massage done and take a good sleep as you have to do something to mar spare time. Now you must be wondering where is the routine nature of work that one usually engages in? I think your memory is too weak to remember that I made you stay virtually in a complete house: ZeroHouse.

New York based architect Scott Specht wants the similar level of comfort and thus end up erecting this revolutionary creation of house along with ZeroHouse™ that consumer zero amount of energy. It may sound a bit strange but true. This completely self-sustaining prefabricated house produces its own power, collects water, processes waste on its own and thus is 100% automatic. You would be glad to know that as per your need you can install this site-sensitive house almost in any location in one day with steel frame mechanism and a helical-anchor groundwork system that requires no quarry.

Robotic ZeroHouse

It’s highly efficient solar panels produce power that is captured by the battery to offer power continuously for a week’s time even in during a dark sky. Triple glazing and low-e heat-mirror glass along with rightful insulation of exterior doors helps in calming down the house’s temperature.

Robotic ZeroHouse

Such a house can be taken to a place with 10 feet of water of slopes of up to 35 degrees. The integrated tubular steel frame can withstand wind of up to 140 mph. It comes packed with sensors that converse with user’s PC for climate control. What adds external beauty to this eternal low-energy house is the LED lighting that is fitted in to the walls and ceilings to augment the aesthetic design.

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Robotic ZeroHouse

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