Artistic Handbags Series by Kathleen Dustin: Flora, Saints, Pod And Others

By now we have scanned that floral creations has led to the inroads of bringing a new definition to the spring fashion. Surely, these unique handbags elevate the style theme. Delve in the gallery and you will sense the intricacy attached to these handbags. It is evident that through these elegant creations, designer Kathleen dustin wants to make its owner take pride in this priceless possession.

Kathleen Dustin

Till date, I have never come across such a striking creation and today I respect the work and the level of creativity of designer depicted through this creation. Dustin is an art major with a clear vision that she has nothing to do with fashion. And today it is her artwork only that is giving new definition to the fashion industry and chicks.

Kathleen Dustin

The gamut of patterns exhibited at dustin’s website counts “brush purse” series, “Modern” series, “Stone” series, “Classic” series, “Pod” series, “Emotion” series, “Saint” series and “Village Woman” series. Out of the all, my eyes simply couldn’t move away from catchfly pod, Nigella Pod (open and closed), opening seed pod and Nlumen Bachia Pod. They are valued at $800-$8000.

Few more worth-picking in the gallery:

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Kathleen Dustin

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