An Elite Installment: Eco Friendly Toilet House

Can you recall my talk with you regarding $1.6 mn toilet house? Spread over 420 sq mtr, South Korea won the Record ‘first appearance largest toilet sculptures’ organized by the founding assembly of the World Association of toilet. Heomulgo, 30, who is living in this abode build it from the bathroom haewoo ashes of this weird product of concern and fervor.

Today, around 40% of the world’s population doesn’t get to use hygienic toilets and he used this symbol of disease to bring forth the reality of two million people. Structured in a toilet-shape, the ring is well connected to the second floor circulation.

Toilet House

It is a clear reflection that bathroom means a lot more. It is equipped with two floors, four toilets on the ground floor plus two elegant living rooms positioned on the first floor of the bathroom. The presence of dimming glass with ordinary and unique glass installed in the living room window offers a view to the beautiful world outside.

Dive into the gallery but please don’t pee:

Toilet House

Toilet House

Toilet House

Via ApartmenTherapy/ Google
Toilet House

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