World’s Most Expensive Bath at Hotel Victor for $11,000

This bathe is austerely for those who not only have big-big hopes but also knows well their way to materialize on that. Heart full of passion and pockets full of wealth, they are all set to indulge in to the magic of the most expensive stuff. Last year, we told you about the limited edition and pricey edible water, Evian. Folks, that was for scoff down to satiate your thirst. Now, what I have here for you is 1000 liters of Evian natural spring water for you to dive into it. Unlike any other dive, it would be counted as the world’s most expensive bath. Team at Hotel Victor have lately announced that at $5,000 a pop and accessible completely in the $6,000 per night penthouse suite of the trendy Miami Beach hotspot Hotel Victor, the Evian offers the world’s most expensive bath for $11,000.

World’s Most Expensive Bath

For your information, this package comprises of luxurious food plus personalized spa services. If you are all set to shell out $11, 0000 then Evian bath can offer you a 350-gallon, infinity-edge tub with a pool of water that will invigorate the skin and sanitize the senses. And counting more vibrancy and vigor, multihued Gerber Daisies float in the water via enlightening candles bring a rehabilitated sense of personality. By the time you take bathe get readies at ideal temperature; the Spa V team allures you with a delightful assortment of spa behavior. Hotel Victor chef, Vincent Muraco, augments the behavior with gastronomic formations such as smoked salmon lollipops, potted cru of Foie Gras and a signature hotel sweet platter, the Seven Sins of Chocolate.

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World’s Most Expensive Bath

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