Tor Clausen Unveils Musical Rumba Series

Musical Furnishings is an entry door to explore the magic of Musical Rumba Series. Musicians, kindly lend all your ears here. And not only musicians but also everyone whose legs start shaking, heartbeat starts beating high and loose control over their senses. It gives you the freedom to design your own personal drum table with exchangeable thumping slots. The availability in four sizes gives you enough variety to choose from respecting your space needs. Whilst the smallest table considers four of the smaller instruments, the largest comprises of 16. The entire collection is hand built by NW Artist Tor Clausen in his Studio in Olympia WA.

The level of flexibility allows each of this table to accept any of the modules. A majority of the modules are single, but the noose is the dimension of two modules (a 1×2 module) and the huge Cajon drum is the range of four modules (a 2×2 module). Now amidst all wood, wood and only wood, what can give a better appeal to the table? It is the darker finish that suffices to invite eyeballs.

Musical Rumba Series

All modules are designed using different species of wood in random shades.

2×2 (22?x22?x17?): Smallest of all would cost you $800 plus tax and shipping.

2×4 (22?x38?x17?): This stylishly long 8-module table is priced at $1500 plus tax and shipping.

3×3 (30?x30?x17?): Formed using nine cubic grid, the table is valued at $1600 plus tax and shipping.

4×4 (38?x38?x17?): This gigantic 16-module table is for the born musician who can’t compromise on their desires. It can be yours by shelling out $2900 plus tax and shipping.
Dive in to the video before taking a call, which one you want to reside in your hall room. The best way to make the module selection is via video. The visual is an assorted medley of wood tones right on the surface of the table. The modules are made of diverse genus of wood, and hence will be of arbitrary bloom.

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Musical Rumba Series

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