Meshy T-Shirt from Japan Shields Knife Attacks

In Japan, the heinous crime of victimizing children and clerks at work during late night is at its peak. And no one would ever compromise on one’s safety. Due to which a Japan-based company Nihon Uni has designed a T-shirt that can shield you from the danger of Knife slashes. The lattice pattern actually guards against rip attacks but if one dare to plunge a knife then the fabric cannot bear the attack.

The fiber used for this T-shirt is three times stronger than of a cotton material. The use of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber completes well with an aramid fiber used in body armor. The frivolous T-shirt is washable via machines and assures protection against slashing attacks. The short-sleeved version of the T-shirt costs $190-522) while the long-sleeved comes at $220-590. It would be available in Japan from June.

Via FarEastGizmos

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