Futuristic Wi-Fi Pileus Umbrella

I could hardly count things that would make me crave for those wet saline drips of sky-tears, but the leeway of capturing my fellow commuters and surrounding rain splashed buddies is one thing I can’t ignore. This hi-tech brolly is equipped with an integrated camera that adds an entire James Bond spy constituent to it. It can transfer all content wirelessly to Flickr via a wireless internet connection with a mere touch of a button. After that a mere snap of the wrist enables you to applaud the content depicted at the inside of the umbrella.

Isn’t it cool? Manufactured in Tokyo, the Pileus umbrella comprises of a GPS and digital compass that works on Google Earth, enabling you to navigate yourself around the world. Efforts are on to slot in a video camera as well. It will hit the market soon.

Via TheSharpEdge
Wi-Fi Pileus Umbrella

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