Justen Ladda Designs Swarovski Crystal Fireplace

You have a choice to choose from suspended, multimedia or static form of fireplaces and are also free to rest your fingers upon Fire bowls, the latest concept. But those with spare amount of money with no fears of loosing it can invest in bringing home Swarovski crystal studded fireplace, an artistic creation specifically for filthy rich by Justen Ladda.

Swarovski Crystal Fireplace

Featured above is one of those tailored fireplace designed ages back for a 19th century building. Justen has his own way of playing with the size and configuration and delivering the one that suits the customers’ needs. Whilst the one here looks like a two bay windows that forms the door enabling easy loading and crackdown of the fire pit. The metal used is stainless steel and the curtains are Swarovski crystallized. Considering the intricacy of the design, labor and substance, these fireplaces are valued at $20 000 or more.
The one on display here can cost you $24 000.

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Swarovski Crystal Fireplace

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