Over Expensive Nose Insured For $8 million

If your survival is dependent upon your nose, then I think you won’t compromise for it likewise Ilja Gort, 47, Dutch winemaker. I don’t know if you are aware that in wine making and tasty industry, nose reigns. This is the only reason why Ilja Gort, producer of Chateau de la Garde vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France inked a neat insurance deal for his nose at $8 million.

The covering body, Lloyd’s of London, is definitely habituated to lettering strategies for celebrities’ body parts i.e. America Ferrara’s smile ($10 million). Eyebrows are raised and one is forced to calculate factors that provoked him to go-ahead with this bizarre policy. Lately, when he came to know that a man had lost his sense of smell in a car accident, he couldn’t but rushed towards getting his nose insured as he couldn’t bear even the thought of undergoing the similar accident. FYI: Tasting wine is possible via nose and not mouth. The core of his business sustains on his capability to smell.

Policy disclaimer reads not practicing boxing classes, riding motorcycle and others. They say Gort isn’t the first wine tester having got such a coverage as Angela Mount got insured his senses of both taste and smell in 2003 by dropping a lavish sum of $20.1 million. This makes me wonder, does such a pricey deal counts ordinary cold and allergies under its terms?

Ilja Gort

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