Beckham’s $50,000 Monarch Vi-Spring Luxury Bed

The more inputs or updates regarding variety of beds I invite, it brings with it a level of greater complexity. Whilst days back when existence of feather or straw bed was news to me today there is a wide availability of foam beds in almost every shade with demanding cost for lavish horse hair beds, plume beds, spiral beds. And now it is an ultra contemporary bed only that has helped Beckham made up to the headlines. It seems media has managed to enter Beckham’s bedroom and come out with news that David Beckham kills his stress by sleeping on a $50,000 Monarch Vi-Spring luxury bed.

Offered solely at Harrods, this $50K bed assures a peaceful sleep and it claims that the person who has slept over this life changing bed can realize the level of comfort. Vi-Spring was the first entrant in the bed making industry to unveil the pocket sprung mattress in 1901. Its beds are seen in quite a handful of finest hotels and homes globally. Every single bed is tailored after placing order in Devon and its production is done using highest quality materials and fashionable Belgian fabrics. But do you ever wonder if the very model on which Beckham has slept reaches auction, then how much amount it can mint? Gosh! It would be almost three-fold of the asked price.

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Monarch Vi-Spring Luxury Bed

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