Reinventing Wheels: Eric’s Teardrop by Josh Hadar

The sculptor Josh Hadar’s has lately introduced hybrid-driven hot rods and super aerodynamic pedal cruisers that are successful in redefining the term “bespoke.” It is this USP only that has featured the revolutionary creation in NYT. These handcrafted bikes are available in his Manhattan studio, a cinder-block two-car garage on Broome Street, which he smilingly calls as ‘‘one of the last vestiges of gritty, old-school SoHo.’’

You would be glad to know that each automobile here is designed considering owner’s body structure and hoaxed out with additional on-demand appurtenances than a Kilgour suit. Unique models such as ‘‘Eric’s Teardrop,’’ (featured here) even have hand blown glass gas reservoirs built-in steel rib cages. Layered with nickel, bronze, copper, gold and silver, the cost of bikes vary from $12,000-$35,000 and are ready to hit the roads within three-months of placed order. Other features including eel-skin hub cover and seats, and hand-spun aluminum wheel helps in erasing your doubt, thereby guaranteeing you that it is wise call to make as you will save lots of money on gas.

Dive for a deep look:

Eric Teardrop

Eric Teardrop

Eric Teardrop

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Eric Teardrop

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