$100,000 Silver TAG Shower: For Luxurious Bathing

If you have enough money to burn then here I have a sensible object that invites you to make loose the weight of your wallet right here. Touted as Silver TAG shower, this $100,000 shower is designed for uber rich who don’t have set limits or knows to break one for a stimulating shower indulgence. The lavish shower machine comes equipped with 18 high-tech showerheads for absolute paradise.

Monitored via computer, the shower heads are tailored offering variable water temperature for diverse body parts. It’s counted six zones are overhead, shoulders, upper torso, lower torso, upper legs, and lower legs. To my much-surprise, each zone is governed independently for temperature and pressure, thereby offering the valuable hydrotherapy effects. Last but not least, the touch screen of the shower allows you to handpick the most-liked sequences from the lot designed by spa specialists and enjoy the complete exclusive experience.

Via BornRich
Silver TAG Shower

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