Elite Milestone: Post No. 1000

Not a big deal for you but quite a substantial reason for us to rock, roll, wine and dine. It seems only apt if one celebrates occasion, anniversary after achieving the committed word. And here I justify the rule and ready to bingo with my post no. 1000. Taking the dialogue further of turning the number 500 into 1000 within months, it’s a big day for us. How has EliteChoice been performing?”

For much of 2007, I would consistently respond to this oft-asked question by saying: “You tell me.” This is because it mattered less to us than what our savvy readers think about deliverables in relation to our early promises. Going by what Socrates famously said: “The unexamined life is not worth living,” I am here to draw visibility of the things done on or before time and also highlight the blueprint of what next?

We invited tips, comments for our evolving blog and tried reaching, responding individually for things enquired, requested. Unlike the customary nature of the established blogs where you have administrator, editors and contributors; here i march with things single-handedly. I have no complaints but rather take pride in handling such responsibility with quantifiable deliverables. We cannot forget those miserable moments when Google pagerank was dancing, which is still busy shaking a leg till today. Fortunately, today elitechoice is back with pagerank 3, if not the lost 4.

Also, doing a comparitive study with established bloggers seems senseless to us as we need to walk before we can run. Now that we have been playing with various possibilities, making mistakes, falling and then rising head high to carve another revolution at blogosphere is obvious.

Just as bartenders do happen to break more glasses because they handle so many more such glasses, journalists or/and bloggers who survive on data, news and facts are also bound to get some facts wrong. And we have had our share of them. What next? From early success, we want to move towards significance. Let’s see how early is that possible. Thanks for making it possible and for your encouraging and much-needed feedback.

Love to all my readers—:D
Elite Milestone: Post No. 1000

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