$17,000 Blu-Ray Player by Goldmund

Switzerland-based audio manufacturer Goldmund is popularly known for the production of audio and video equipments and accessories bearing hefty price tag. This was proved by Goldmund’s offering of $300k media room and world’s most expensive turntable priced at $3, 00,000. But the latest in their kitty is a Blu-ray player that brings forth the inheritance of hefty price tags. They claim that the latest Eidos 20 BD is the first Blu-ray player from High end audio industry. But if you actually sit down and analyze this player than in return of $17,000 you will be getting nothing in terms of your thought of bringing home a power-driven designer product. It features the AC-Curator power supply circuit ensuring superior picture and sound constancy and dynamics, and the Mechanical damping for definitive sound and video reproduction with minimal mechanical and electrical buckles. Goldmund is inviting orders for this Blu-ray player.

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Blu-Ray Player

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