£12,000 Ferrari F1 Prototype Bathed In Chocolate

What could be an elite way to commemorate the Ferrari owners’ club party? Any special arrangements? Yah, of course! The creative minds engaged behind this are geared up to deliver something eternal, making this event memorable even decade after. Italy-based confectioners have structured a life-size model of the striking Ferrari F1 car using 4,405lbs of Belgian chocolate to mark the beginning of party in Sorrento, near Naples. It took more than one-year to produce this car but would take only minutes to go under hammer to serve the belly of the guests reaching there only with their appetite. Standing on the F2008, the £12,000 chocolate Ferrari looks appealing with its red edible coating and word is around that guest at the Scuderia Ferrari Club Napoli will taste the model and will be allowed to take home bits of the car after bash.

Via Ananova
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