World’s First Wooden Supercar: The Splinter

The ongoing trend statement is the product or initiative has to be away from the customary and should be elite in nature. And if we talk about automobiles then the industry is smilingly following the above statement. We or at least I am bored of existing and upcoming models of cars as there is hardly any innovativeness in terms of its appeal. Lately, I came across a revolutionary creation of coupe made up of stolid wooden by an established designer Joe Harmon, in collaboration with students at North Carolina State University.

Wooden Supercar

Touted to be an exclusive performance wooden super car, The Splinter maintains the higher strength-to-weight ratio of wood in comparison to aluminum or steel, thereby making it to be the expedient and appealing material to work with. Moreover, the resourcefulness of wood allows the litheness of testing and the integration of diverse methods along with designs. What add the beauty to the coupe includes its look; tang and feel of authentic appeal.



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