Coffee Table Or Aquarium?

Featured above is a Clear-Seal Aquarium Coffee Table that calls for a perfect blend between realism of designer furniture and the serene world of a natural aquatic atmosphere. The aquarium table comes with a toughened glass top surrounded with finished with polished rounded edges. It comes with a reproduction or mirror corner segment that engulfs the filter and lighting system. Each of the coffee table aquariums come equipped with come light diffuser to illumine the tank.

The acrylic table top is designed to reduce sound tremor imminent into the tank. The corner section is presented in handful of interesting shades viz. Dark Oak, Light Oak, Limed Oak, Medium Oak, Yew, Mahogany or Mirrored glass. The variety of preferred fish suitable for such tables include Black Moors, Bubble Eye, Chocolate Pom Pom’s, Comets, Fan Tails, Orandas, Shubunkin or small Koi.

The tables or rather aquariums are retailed at £949 or £1,149 depending upon the size of fish tank.

Aquarium Coffee Table

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