World’s Most Expensive Flat: $200 mn One Hyde Park Penthouse

It must be a different feeling to reside in an estate that bears a tag of being the world’s most expensive one. But not all, ordinary or sundry can afford to possess such estate. Lately in news is the world’s most expensive flat viz. One Hyde Park penthouse valued at $200 million. It is an inviting proposal for people like Russian oligarchs, oil barons, Saudi sheiks and A-list stars. The foremost feature that makes it the priciest estate is its being waterproof. You would be surprised to know that the apartments of this penthouse are all equipped with bullet proof windows, purified air systems and “panic rooms”. But this is not all. Its USP resides in its access to a subversive passage directing towards close by Mandarin Oriental hotel. Featured above is a computerized depiction of its appeal when completed in 2010.

Administered by brothers Christian and Nick’s development company Candy & Candy, the venture focuses upon 80 flats designed by architect Richard Rogers with communal spas, squash courts and a private wine-tasting facility. Whilst it has managed to receive the major interest of Russians (almost one-third) and remaining being a quarter of buyers are from Middle Eastern, 20% are British and the remaining 22% comprise of the European and American markets. Those who find it to be too expensive can rest their eyes upon $70 mn estate with a bulletproof entrance.
One Hyde Park

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