Light in Weight, High on Taste: Luxury Sport Aircraft by Gobosh Aviation

Possessing a private aircraft or yacht is now an ordinary desire that many millionaire happen to fulfill with a mere drop of few moolahs. This way of making an ultimate travel is inviting eyeballs. But if by now, you are unaware about the populating choices available then take a look at the prospective light sport aircraft available. Gobosh Aviation has lately introduced this innovative luxury sport aircraft at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring.

Luxury Sport Aircraft

The new 800XP by Gobosh is a clear reflection of the prototype of feature-packed Light Sport Aircraft. Designed and delivered by in the Czech Republic, the aircraft touts a well-structured composite design similar to one used by world’s most successful personal aircraft and commercial aircraft manufacturers.

Luxury Sport Aircraft

The aircraft is been manufactured in alliance with the Kabrt Brothers, an established name in the realm of designing productive and thriving airframe in the LSA class. IT has a cell-saving parachute with splendid leather interior. This opulent sport aircraft comes with the Dynon Glass Panel sustained by select Garmin mechanism and Bose anti-noise headsets. The effusive 800XP sport aircraft can be yours if you can afford to shell out $130,000. Folks, beg, borrow or steal but do pick this must-flaunt accessory.

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Luxury Sport Aircraft

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