Animal Cloning: Elite Way to Recreate Your Dead Pets

News, you must lend your ears upon! We all know that dogs are proven faithful companions that our dear human friends. But the miserable part is they have a short life-duration of 10-12 years and by that time we tend to make them a crucial family-member. As a result, there absence kills us! To do away with the pain involved, world’s first pet cloning service is expected to be practiced by a Korean biomedical company that will offer animal lovers a chance to restore their dead companions. The company called RNL Bio will kick-off this initiative together with scientists to produce the first cloned canine.

RNL Bio has bagged an order to clone a pet dog that would be the world’s first commercial dog cloning in the world. You would be surprised to know that the company is engaged in cloning a pit bull-terrier for a Bernann McKinney, a California-based woman. The process includes taking tissue from her dead pet named Booger and the company is charging $150,000. The cloning would be through by February 2009. Bernann McKinney had conserved the ear tissue for almost a year at minus 200 degrees in a U.S. laboratory. In order to clone Booger, the team involved would be using used cells taken from its ear tissue and insert them into ova that were then rooted into eight female dogs.

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Animal Cloning

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