Making Elite Choice: Lenovo’s Thinkpad X300 V/S Macbook Air

Right a month back, there was storming news about Apple’s Macbook Air claiming to be the slimmest notebook ever. And that was! But the story doesn’t end there or rather started as competitor of industry moguls started raising eyebrows. It was then their mindset was to bring something g better than “mere” Macbook Air.

And today, we came across Lenovo unveiling the ThinkPad X300; which not only highlights the ultra-thin aspect but its fully functional laptop as well. Against the Mac Air, this one features an optical drive, Ethernet adapter, 4 USB ports & a built-in Phone modem. And if by any chance you are hunting for a snappy slim laptop equipped with full desktop functionality then stick to it. It can be yours on a drop of just $2,500.

Via NewLaunches
Thinkpad X300

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