Install Rainy Cumulus Cloud Now!

If you are fighting with your imagination to churn out the best option available then here I have one. The creation takes shape of the idea from Les Fourmis, a Marseilles-based company specializing in lighting that evokes the otherworldly. Known as Cumulus, this unique ready-to-installed master art offers an aura of a cloudy sky in your room.

The illumination twisted and fashioned after a cumulus cloud is lop-sided and asymmetrical with grayish black appearance. To give you the actual feel, dewdrops of water fall from it with indiscernible filaments. It efficiently crafts a theme of a dark, ominous and rainy day. To attain this conclusion, the designers have populated it with 60 LEDs and steel mesh for ‘lighting up’. It is valued at $1455, leaving no choice for you to take home.

Via Mocoloco
Cumulus Cloud

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