Fletcher Capstan Tables: Roll In and Roll Out

Picture this: You bought a small but beautiful house in the vicinity of seaside. And then gave vent to your desires installing exclusive masterpieces, colorful walls and fully populated digital equipments to take care of your daily tasks. But here is a real furniture accessory that you must bring home. Popularly known as Fletcher Capstan Table aka expanding table, it is a perfect for a compact home that cannot afford to bear its adbsence. It is the outproduct of many years of modern development followed by a line of history of more than one and a half centuries. Its unique set of properties make it stand away from the myriad of existing and customary patterns.

This round table when rotated from its outer perimeter, it doubles its seating capacity by staying circular. Please lend your ears here as now am going to disclose its USP. On expanding it keeps the leaves wiothin itself. Whilst the compact table can accomodate six persons, on expansion it becomes open for almost 12. The entire process or expansion or reduction winds up within three seconds.

Fletcher Capstan Tables

The beauty of this designer table depends upoon the nature of timber used and its cahnging swift from small to large and vice versa. When compact, the face of the table looks like six pie shaped leaves with an outer skirt in the manner of a drum table. Deep inside the first layer reside two layers of leaves, the former made up of six arrow shaped leaves and beneath it is a large star shaped leaf. And at the ground level stands a magical mechanism, strikingly beautiful in its mechanical complexity. The rotation process happens at 30 degrees of movement, monitored by electric motor or driven by human power.

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Fletcher Capstan Tables

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