Disney Invigorates ‘House of the Future’

Those making efforts to design their dream house should consider this option. I will talk about two unique prospective creations for your future home. One that has installed wall-sized TV, countless plastic merchandise, all-gadgetry sprucing tools and other wired by a touchscreen infrastructure, accessories, beautiful kitchen counters and auto-thermostats. Whilst the former is a Disney’s creation long back in 1957 and the latter would involve big names like Lifeware, HP and Microsoft to its name by debuting it in Tomorrowland coming May. Without repeating outmoded paraphernalia viz. microwave oven, pushbutton speakerphone, electric toothbrush and a big-screen color TV well-featured in Disney creation, I would like to attack upon the upcoming one that is set to invite eyeballs via various home control devices like auto magic lighting, thermostats, ubiquitous audio/video systems with everything programmed from pin to pot.

Spread over 5000 sq ft of floor space, this exclusive future house am taking about would cost you $15 million. Within will inhabit creatures from a virtual world all set to make a trip to China and enjoy their stay there. Well, now all Disney desires to do is to imitate the geeky stuff and patterns residing inside Bill Gates’s vast manor, which undoubtedly are up to date. Choice is yours, to go with this future house or to stay with your boredom. You can adore this revolutionary falderal at Disneyland in Anaheim, California beginning this May.

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House of the Future

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