The Emperor Dragonfly Machine

Sculpted on the lines of contemporary genus of dragonfly, the wings of this active Emperor Dragonfly Machine flutter as and when the tip of the tail is twisted. The brainwave for this multifaceted automatic insect instigated from many of the visualized gadgets of Leonardo da Vinci. Enthused by these designs, the designer hereby makes an effort to remake nature by experimenting classical engineering on a well-designed form. Its internal apparatus, machinery and moving parts are thoroughly hand-milled and hand-calibrated with utter exactitude from 14k gold. The body, mechanical frame and wings were designed using Argentium Silver, a premium version of Sterling or fine silver.

Each of the eyes is well-pointed by a 10 carat Swiss Blue Topaz cabochons and 14k gold bezel on the tail holding a 4mm Amethyst bullet shaped cabochon. It is the out product of endless hours of designing and redesigning.

Measurement: 8″ (W) x 6″ (L) x 3.5″ (H) tall
Price: $15,000

Gallery: Emperor Dragonfly Machine

The Emperor Dragonfly Machine

Emperor Dragonfly Machine

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