Futuristic SubMarine Prototype by Taizo Doi

Designer Taizo Doi has produced a creation that proves there cannot be anything more attractive and stirring than Mother Nature. A mere look at the designer prototype of a future submarine assures that Taizo’s concept is 100% accurate. You can’t help but to give a big round of applause for his artistic skills.

A deeper understanding of the sample would make you realize that Taizo attempt was to carve a vessel that would allow humans to investigate the sea as any marine creature would do it. He takes inspiration from the striking jellyfish. The jellyfish-like structure of the aquatic vehicle permits a contented space for the travelers by offering them a 360° view of the attractive sea. I think you would agree with me that the witty way to enjoy the nature is to be a part of it. Right?

Futuristic SubMarine


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