Volvo: A Crash Proof Coupe

Volvo has lately unveiled a crash-proof family car that will hit the roads in the autumn. The USP of this coupe resides in its laser-guidance system built into the windscreen that enables you spot the nearby vehicles that may stop swiftly. To avoid such accidental moments, the Volvo will come to a halt within no time, thereby avoiding any smash. Designed for metropolitan driving, the CitySafety system that kicks in at speeds of up to 20mph is capable of avoiding half of all rear-end collisions. The laser reacts to traffic in the vicinity (either stationary or moving in common direction)). It can scan up to six yards ahead and has potential to sense the speed difference between itself and the vehicle in front by making 50 calculations a second to identify the braking force required to shun crashes. Even in the worse case when chauffer fails to slow, the system brakes mechanically and immobilizes the accelerator. The system will be activated in the XC60 car with starting price of £25,000 ($50,000).

Via DailyMail

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