Swarovski Studded Water Bottle Costs $100

With health-conscious gentry, today’s culture says sipping a drop of a water from a canned bottle is advisable than a glass of water from an open bottle. Thus it breeds increasing number off retailer selling bottled water for high-end consumers. But then there is another category of people who are picking bottled water not only to keep their health good but also to flaunt their wealth.

For then, here comes alluring Fillico Beverly Hills bottle from Japan. The frozen glass bottles are festooned with Swarovski crystals and carved with gold paint. Albeit the bottles have been named after the pricey residence of U.S., the pure water is miles away from the though t of a place as water flow is from Kobe. The basic bottle is retailed at $100 while the other bathed in silver or gold crown can bite you with $200. If your desire to flaunt is still alive then pick one from Ritz Carlton in Tokyo.

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