Gerhard Richter’s “Zwei Liebesaare” Sells For £7.3 mn

Another auction at Christie but of a different nature! It invited all those folks who feel high on the very mention of approaching Valentine day. But strictly, you can’t label it as purely a valentine auction as the painting was just a part of a gamut of masterpieces.

This black-and-white painting of embracing lovers, “Zwei Liebespaare,” by Gerhard Richter lately got picked by a telephone shopper for a record sales of £7.3 million against its estimated amount of £6 million. This is one fortunate painting to have generated a bit more than its expected cost. In this way, the painting falls into the category of masterpiece which forms even less than 20% to have sold off above their upper estimates.

This painting portrays two couples frisking in the landscape, in fact blissful and merry scene. Though, the way the artist has tinted this scene, it delivers a photograph in oils, meticulously painting it with accurate shades of grey and then hazing the picture with coiffure brushstrokes, thereby producing a dissident quality. Richter’s real life was subjected to a range of opinionated philosophies; Nazism, Socialism and then Capitalism.

Via Christie’s
Zwei Liebesaare

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