Sikken Unveils Swiss Steel Stove Minus Glass

The finest wood-burning steel stove is a unique creation by Swiss company Sikken. It offers you immense pleasure to enjoy the real fire devoid of any impediment of glass. The USP of this stove lies in offering first-hand experience of enjoying the blazing fire within your home.

sikken stove

The fire is restrained to a solid steel structure. The captivating door system allows the premium wood stove to open on its own. The fireplace is located up on the top portion of the edifice to offer an outstanding view. You may open the door to protect from the radiation. But if need be, you can shut the doors completely and the warmth can sieve through the steel. The round shape of this stove doesn’t come cheap and thus demands $26,214 while the square one can settle down for $24,594. Buy it now and experience the luxury.

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Sikken Unveils Swiss Steel Stove Minus Glass

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