Beer Bra Or Wine Bra?

I may sound wild and loud when I say that boobs and booze makes a perfect combo. And the very fact have been lately proved by the medical science by unveiling a bra-shaped wine-rack. This easy sports-style bra encloses a unique boob-enhancing polyurethane bladder to be filled with drink of your choice. You need to slip it on, fill it with beer or any other brew you enjoy and then clad it beneath your ordinary attire.

Beer Bra

Wine Rack’s adjustable drinking tube gives you the freedom to enjoy furtiveness drinking. This designer rack assures a different nature of night out–girls can enjoy on their next scheduled occasion. It carries an affordable price tag that prevents you from dropping he sum when the price overise during risis situation and also it can be your savior during a dry day. This inventive dual-purpose shoulder-boulder holder can hold around 750ml of liquid while the rest can be taken care by an extra boobage. What say?

Price: £19.95

Beer Bra

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