Elite Miniature Garden: Paula Hayes Reinvents Terrariums

The upcoming and elite breed of designers is making efforts towards inventing a new concept of gardening dubbed as mini-garden. To their much-surprise, they are getting a good amount of respect and attention from the adherents. A New York-based sculptor, painter, landscape designer and now artist Paula Hayes has charted out the possible inventions in resourceful horticulture and interior decoration with her impressive Teardrop Terrarium.

Her concept follows the presence of plants inside a hand-blown glass making them transferable artworks. The fragile, subtle glass terrariums in organic shapes form the replica of the teardrops, body parts, peanuts, and pears. It demands an investment of one-year period along with a great amount of care so that plants get fully established and starts eying customers. It was initially invented by Nathaniel Ward, an English physician and botanist. Here comes one important fact: these terrariums by Paula Hayes demand a valuable sum of $8,000 and $22,000.


Teardrop Terrarium

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