Computer Cases Encrusted With Gold and Platinum!

Following the technique of minting-money practiced by cell phones and iPods manufacturers, the computer manufacturers can’t stop but to track the bling road. Seemingly ordinary thought of turning plain computer cases into shiny shiny stuff is now being made possible by Zeus-Computers. This Tokyo-based giant aims at offering integrated machines within the cases that are fits into the category of mobile treasure decked with valuable jewels and metals caking the delightfully crafted body.

Handful of pricey selection include a model baptized “Jupiter” bathed in pure platinum carrying a price tag of whooping $760,000, making you jaw stay open. But if this seems to be too good for you then free feel to eye a reasonably priced piece named “Mars” that would cost you $570,000. Those willing to add their flavor to it can opt for an inferno of inset diamonds carving the zodiac constellation and the Milky Way on the face of the computer case.

The case includes a 1000GB serial ATA hard drive, a 3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6850-powered machine with a 256MB GeForce 7200GS VGA card, 2048MB of memory, a Blu-ray/HD-DVD optical drive and others. I reckon one cannot doubt the stuffed features inside as its external appeal gives you no reason to drop it.

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